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Trophies and Ribbons


Competitive soccer is finishing out the season with several tournaments which will net some trophies. We are proud to announce that in 2016/17 everyone will get a ribbon.


It’s not what you think. 

Actually everyone will be wearing a ribbon…on their uniform. 

You may have seen the Tampa Bay Rowdies wearing a similar ribbon last September in support of Childhood Cancer Awareness. Now the St. Pete Raiders will also proudly wear a ribbon on their jersey's in support for awareness of pediatric cancer, the number one disease killer of children in the United States.


Cole Eicher, competitive U14 player for Coach Will Thacker was one of the 43 children diagnosed everyday with pediatric cancer.  He battled brain cancer for a year in 2014, took half a year off in 2015 to recover and re-joined his soccer team in Fall 2015.  During his recovery he became a voice for kids fighting cancer and asked the Tampa Bay Rowdies to become the first professional team in the Nation to wear the Gold Ribbon for the entire month of September.  Now, Cole's club, St. Pete Raiders will follow by wearing the gold ribbon for awareness year round.



Great things happen on the soccer field!


Relay for Life video filmed at the event supported by PDQ.  This is promoted nationally.

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